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NextGen 529® forms

Download forms for NextGen 529 Client Select Series account servicing requests for Non-Omnibus accounts serviced by Sumday.

Client Select Series Automated Funding Service

Fill out this form to setup, remove, or replace recurring Automated Funding Service (AFS) contributions to your NextGen 529 account.

Client Select Series Payroll Deduction Form

Fill out this form to set up payroll deduction contributions to your NextGen 529 account, or to change existing payroll deduction contributions. Once completed you’ll need to give a copy of this form to your employer and mail the original to NextGen 529 at the address indicated. Return this form together with a voided check from your checking account or a bank statement.

Client Select Series Incoming Rollover Form

Fill out this form to make a rollover from another state’s 529 plan, a UGMA/UTMA account*, Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) or qualified U.S. Savings Bonds.

Client Select Series Investment Change Form

Fill out this form to make changes to the current assets or your future contributions in your NextGen 529 account. Participant/Account Owner may exchange or change how existing NextGen 529 assets are allocated for the same Designated Beneficiary twice per calendar year or upon a change of the Designated Beneficiary. Future contributions may be changed at any time.

Client Select Series Change Information Form

Use this form to change an account address, telephone number, email address, or name, or correct a date of birth or Social Security number on a NextGen 529 account. Also use this form to update an account name due to marriage or divorce or legal name change.

Client Select Series Change of Designated Beneficiary/Transfer Funds Form

Use this form to change the Designated Beneficiary for your individual NextGen 529 account. The new Designated Beneficiary must qualify as a “Member of the Family” of the Designated Beneficiary, see the Program Description and Participation Agreement for details.

Client Select Series Change Participant Form

Use this form to change the Participant/Account Owner for the NextGen 529 account. Along with this form, a Client Select Series Account Application Form must also be completed and signed by the new Participant. Please reach out to your Financial Advisor for assistance.

Client Select Series Withdrawal Form

Fill out this form to make a full or partial withdrawal from your NextGen 529 account. Withdrawals can also be made over the phone or online using the applicable links on If withdrawing Maine Matching Grants, this must be done via phone or using this form.

Client Select Series Interested Party Duplicate Statement Request Form

Use this form to authorize NextGen 529 to send duplicate account statements to an interested party.

Client Select Series Account Application Form

With your financial advisor, use this form to open an individual or UTMA/UGMA NextGen 529 account for yourself or a Designated Beneficiary.

Client Select Series Entity Account Application Form

Use to open a NextGen 529 account to be owned by an entity.

Client Select Series Change Broker of Record Form

Use to change the broker of record on a NextGen 529 account.